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Life is not the same when you loose a Father –  Gandhian “Sarvodhaya Mr. A.K.Muthiah” – in an accident – Who had a dream to help the society with Gandhian thoughts and principles from Grama Suyaraj to give bhoodhan lands to landless agricultural farmers to minimalist happy life. From toddler to Senior citizens he had a dream of Helping Hands to each and everyone in the society.

To fullfill that dream we needed hands from Society itself . Allways society gives you whatever you ask for. Let’s give back the best to the society from Education, Job /Profession, Food and Shelter to each and every family or to people in distress is the moto of this support group. That’s the best tribute to the Person My father who dreamed and left the world with his dream unfulfilled. Gandhian Sarvodhaya Mr. A.K.Muthiah whose dream to be fullfilled is my moto in life. In his name Sarvodhaya A.K. Muthiah I wanted to start the trust, but Madonna ( God’s Mother ) was suggested by our first Managing Trustee Mr.Daniel Malraj  we have named  the trust as “MADONNA’S TRUST “. We have strted the first project as “SARVODHAYA MUHTIAH OLD AGE HOME ” instantly at Thirunelvely in 2007 May.


  • Help The Senior Citizens live and have a dignified Demise
  • Help the Challenged-Physically Mentally and Visually- citizens live dignified with education and empowerment.
  • Help poor to live, educate, heal, earn and uplift the society.
  • Help The Social equality like Singapore model and build a democratic society thru youth participation
  • Help The have nots in natural calamities.
  • Village development and providing PURA – GRAMA SUYARAJ
  • Establish Institutions of education from skill development, personality development, arts,science and all professional colleges for underprivileged to study and benefit.
  • International Peace and Personal communication and interaction of world community.
  • To create a Democratic World With Gandhian Principles of simplicity and Suyaraj – to build a strong peaceful world. Jai Bharath! Jai Jagath!